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A game made for Mini Ludum Dare 71

THE RETRO CHALLENGE/"Modern Technology"

A DOS game about escaping a modern room. There is a secret second half to the game that is not an adventure game... it is a remake of one of the first games I made for DOS!

System Requirements

You will need a DOS machine or emulator to run the game. It should run (but is untested) on most hardware from the 90's.

  • DOS
  • 1MB RAM (for DOS)
  • ~45MHz CPU
  • 5MB disk space
  • VGA display card


The game uses standard mouse point and click mechanics from games like Myst. You will have to search the room to discover how to escape. Escape the room to win!

  • Move Cursor - Mouse or WASD or Arrows
  • Interact - Left Click or Space or Enter
  • Move In Maze - WASD or Arrows
  • Menu - Escape



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Virtual Escape (for DOS) 2 MB
Version 1


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Just beat it. It was really enjoyable! Thank you so much for making new DOS games. Really stumped me a few times.

Nice idea for a game! Have been thinking of making a similar one for many years, but with you it did not end only with thinking :-) Do you think you could give me a little help with getting back to DOS programming as you seem to prefer plain mode 13 like me? Can I contact you somehow?

Thanks for you kind words.

I first learned programming in Turbo/Power Basic for DOS. `SCREEN 13` was what I knew how to do, so it made sense to me to try using it again. ^_^ I made this game in a few weeks (Jan. 2017), and before that it had been many year since I did anything in DOS, and I have not done anything since. My process is 100% not ideal, but I can walk you through the environment I set up. I'm assuming you found the source code, but my build scripts are not in there. At first I was happy using Turbo C 2.01, for nostalgia. After a while it got to me though, and I had to switch to Sublime Text (my preferred editor), I kept using Turbo C as the compiler though, this gist should give you everything you need for that (the bottom of 'dosbox-0.74.conf.txt' has the code to invoke the compiler, and run the game from in DOS).

Turbo C 2.01 is not ANSI compliant, and only runs in DOS; if I were to start over I seriously look at using DJGPP (a port of GCC to compile DOS executable).

Thank you again for you interest, and I hope you end up making something! If you have any more questions my email is: hitch@hitchh1k3rsguide.com I probably cannot be too much help though, since the project was so short, and a while ago. ^_^