A game made for Ludum Dare 45

"Start with nothing"

Every book has a beginning, but sometimes the ending has not yet been written. But if you want to be the writer of your own fate, you will have to Start With Nothing.


  • Book - Mouse
  • World - WASD or Arrows

Pro-Tips/Helpful Hints

  • You can write yourself out of the book to reset the level.
  • Some book choices have more than two options.
  • There are 2 collectible secret stars in each level.
  • Logs and Rocks have 4 states: normal, covered in moss, covered in mushroom/fungus, and on fire.
  • Rock smothers fire.
  • Fungal logs cannot move.
  • Logs can be pushed or rolled (if on their side).
  • Mossy logs cannot be pushed, or roll onto moss.
  • Mossy logs roll only one tile at a time.
  • Logs will stop on moss, and only roll one tile at a time.
  • You can safely stand on burning logs.
  • You can roll logs by walking on them.
  • Ground moss written into mushrooms will lift whatever is standing on them up in the air.


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