A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game made for Ludum Dare 31

"Entire Game on One Screen"

My first idea was to make an MMO type game, where everything happens on one screen, for every player... and it's the same screen. 
That would have been a great idea, but I've never made an online multiplayer game, and didn't even now where to start... but that didn't stop me. Unity Ascension is a multiplayer online platform shooter. I was able to finish most of the game: I had an ending I was very please with planed, but ran out of time... making online games is really hard!

This game is defunct!

The server is no longer running and so you will not be able to play. You can see the video above to see what it was like, or edit the source and run your own server (I don't think it's worth the effort though, the game was pretty glitchy).


  • Move - WASD or Arrows
  • Jump - Space
  • Aim - Mouse
  • Change Tool - Right Click
  • Shoot/Heal - Left Click
  • Score Screen - Tab


  • The first time you play it will ask you to join a team, click the color you want.
  • Your health will decrease every time you shoot, or heal another player (the black bar that appears at the top of your character is your life).
  • You cannot shoot or heal when you only have one hit point left... (that's a half implemented fix/bug in the compo. version). :(
  • There are five point categories, you'll have to figure out how to earn points in all 5 (only two are possible with a single person on the server).
  • Press tab to see the score screen, the points there were all gotten by people playing the game before you, you can add to your teams points. 

System Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment 7 or newer
  • An active internet connection (and a server running ^_^)



LD31_UnityAscension.zip 3 MB

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