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A game made for Ludum Dare 27

"10 Seconds"

A Puzzle RPG set aboard an Orbital Research Station which, over the next 10 Seconds, will be destroyed by a mysterious Spacetime Disaster. Luckily, the player (the Station Janitor) has somehow been unstuck in time by the disaster, and can use their newfound powers to try and prevent it! 
...if, of course, they can figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it. A lot can go wrong in 10 seconds! 


  • Interact - Mouse and Left Click


  • Wire Puzzles: With the forcefields sealed, the player must rotate wires to route Charged Tachyons across the ship. Connecting the wires to the bottom node opens the forcefield to the next room, and unsticks it in time so it remains open. Connecting them to the top node passes the charge to the next room. Click on the Time Surge to resume time, and test your solution
  • Once time resumes, other obstacles will stand in the player's way. You can thwart them by using items found around the ship. Some wire puzzles may need special Fuse Items to be placed in item slots in order to complete them too. Computer consoles contain further tips. Good luck!
  • If you feel like cheating, here are the solutions for each room!


Special Thanks

  • MysticStv - puzzle transcription, and snarky commentary
  • Mrs. H1k3r - puzzle transcription, and nap-enforcement


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