A game made for GMTK Game Jam

"Joined Together"

You must join the islands of Hashiwokakero (lit. "build bridges") together, there are rules to where bridges can be built though... see if you can beat all 11 levels.

The game draws inspiration from Hashiwokakero logic puzzles, and the Seven Bridges of Königsberg mathematics problem.


  • Build/Remove Bridge - Mouse (and maybe touch)
  • Quit - Escape

Bridge Building Rules

** the game tries to teach the rules as they are used, but this list can be used for reference **

  • Bridges are built from one island to a different island along the hexagonal grid lines
  • Islands without any other rules can have any number of bridges coming from them
  • Islands with some number of required or optional bridges cannot have more bridges than required + optional
  • All islands with any number of required bridges must be connected to a single bridge system (there cannot be isolated island groups)
  • Each House on an island requires one bridge connected to that island
  • Each Inn on an island requires two bridges connected to that island
  • Each Keep on an island requires three bridges connected to that island
  • Each Tree on an island allows one optional bridge to be connected to that island


Known Bugs

  • The web version runs slow, try the downloadable version if it's unplayable in your browser
  • Ocean tiles oscillation is tied to frame rate (made for 144 Hz), at 60 Hz the waves will move very slow


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Very nice concept and execution. The camera is a bit close in my opinion, but other than that it worked wonders.

Damn dude, I am loving this. Such a charming aesthetic and the gradual introduction of game elements is very fun. I didn't know what the yellow tiles meant though, if anything. Overall, I'd love to play more of this.

Thanks for playing! Yellow tiles were supposed to be sand, used for visual interest (I probably needed other purely visual tiles or to stick to only special ones)....

Now I'm trying to think of what interesting rules sand could (should) have had... maybe a sand tile cannot bridge to another sand tile.

Really neat puzzle game

Thanks for playing!