A game made for The GitHub Game Off 2013


A build-your-own space shooter! Collect bits to push new game features, and watch your game project unfold! I made this to play with Google's newly (at the time) released Dart language. The title is an homage to a game I was playing at the time called "Bitfighter" combined with the central mechanic (merging git pull requests) designed to try pandering to the judges (it did not seem to work ^_^).


  • Interactive Fiction - Type and Enter
  • Upgrade Selection - Mouse
  • Rotate (initial) - A/D or Left/Right
  • Aim (unlocked) - Mouse
  • Move Forward - Space or W or Up
  • Boost - Shift
  • Fire - Enter or Left Click (unlocked)


Since it was compiled browser (and API) specifications have changed enough to make the game crash in a few places... Most notably when loading sound effects... which are required to beat the game :( sorry.

System Requirements

Some parts of the game can be fairly expensive on the graphics card, some laptops and older desktops will probably have issues with parts of the game. The game has been tested and works fine on a GeForce GTX 660 Ti, and acceptably well on a Radeon HD 5450 and 6670, and poorly on a Radeon HD 6630M, and ground to a halt on my 2010 Macbook. Your millage my vary.

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