A game made for Ludum Dare 35


Embark on a journey with the Amorphous Space Widgits! Use their unique powers to help them explore and solve puzzles. Triangle has strong grip, and can roll up ramps with ease. Square can squish and stretch, and even climb stairs! They can join forces to form Circle, who can roll and leap!


  • Control Triangle - WASD
  • Control Square - Arrows
  • Control Circle - WASD or Arrows
  • Interact - Left Shift or Right Shift
  • Pop Character - Left Shift or Right Shift
  • Respawn - Left Shift and Right Shift


  • Find and hit buttons to unlock doors. 
  • Pop both characters to Respawn. 
  • Pop a character and pick up their eyeball to form Circle. 
  • To split up Circle, move both characters in opposite directions. 
  • If you're stuck, try interacting with nearby objects. 


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