A game made for Ludum Dare 46

"Keep it alive"

As you guide humanity through the Ages of New Earth, you’ll find yourself terraforming planets, making choices, and keeping things in balance, but if your colony loses that balance, you might struggle to keep it alive.


  • Interact - Mouse


  • Don’t let your resource numbers get too high or low.
  • Gather cards you want later in the early game.
  • Develop empty Regolith to make Towns and Cities.



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Hi. I really enjoyed this. Really polished looking and interesting idea. I've rated it on the Ludum Dare site, but unfortunately the comments section won't load on there, so I can add any feedback.

Thanks so much! I was kinda proud of the visuals we managed, and I'm glad you liked 'em!

And here's hoping the LD site gets it's stuff together, if there's comments problems. :<


I've managed to add the feedback now on the site. :)